Hello, if you found this page it's probably due to an invite that you received regarding "Finer Pleasures." FP is a online magazine or Journal I'm constructing built around ideas of individual locality. In other words, content and experiences that are local, immediate, and personal (ie interesting). Nothing ground breaking about this particular format per se (though there's plenty room for novelty). From jump, we're simply looking for unique and thoughtful, perhaps stylish content. In that sense, content and voice is key.

If you dont know me already, this project is a delayed offshoot to the work I did at Black Ball Projects, an artist run gallery I started with two other partners located in Williamsburg. After I left the gallery, I have been slooooowly creeping back towards a kind of work that is more expansive and communal versus the often-times secluded nature of studio art-making, which is what I spend most my time doing. I also teach studio art at NYU. So that's my bio: artist, teacher person, once upon a time part-time gallerist.

If you're interested in learning more about this new project, with the possibility of contributing to it, please send me an email with a hello or any questions you might have at jason.tomme@gmail.com

I'm not looking for precise pitches yet, but if you fancy yourself a writer (in any capacity), or are a genuinely curious and perhaps brainy person who's not afraid to grind away at something for the sake of discovering what's "good," then I'd love to hear from you.