Jason Tomme is a multidisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in NYC. Notions of “Location”— and how fact and fiction inhabits location—inform drawings, paintings, sculptures, and photographs. This act of locating involves varied subjects, including his hometown of Las Vegas, NV, real and imagined ecologies, and the undeniable comfort of cashmere. His work has been shown in various settings including the Chinati Foundation Artist in Residency, Las Vegas Art Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, Mary Boone Gallery, Theodore:Art, and Fernwey Gallery.


Jason Tomme

Born in Las Vegas, NV 1978

Lives and works in New York City




2004 MFA, Yale University

2002 BFA, University of Nevada Las Vegas


Solo Exhibitions


2018    Hello Letters, Baik Art, Los Angeles, CA

                Friends, Project Room @ Galerie Occurence, Montreal, Canada

2016    Cashmere Yer, Fernwey Gallery, Chicago IL

2014    In a Desert_On an Island_In a Room, Theodore:Art, NYC

2010    Paper Lead Poem, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NYC

2008    Chinati Foundation Artist in Residence , Locker Plant, Marfa, TX

2006    Look Into the Crystals, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY



Two Person Exhibitions     


2009    Jason Tomme, Jonathan Callan, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NYC


Group Exhibitions


2016     Romeo: Inaugural Exhibition, Romeo, NYC.

                 3 AM Eternal, 3901 Main St, Dallas, TX. Curated by Suzanne Weaver, Nicklass Stewart,

                 David Quadrini.  

2015     Oceans 11, Curated by Billy Sullivan, Ille Arts, Amagansett, NY.

                 Inside the Episode, Curated by Jack Pierson, Launch F18, NYC.

                 Salon Zurcher w/Theodore Art, Zurcher Gallery, NYC.

2014     The Morning After, Curated by Chason Matthams, Tyler Wood Gallery, San Francisco,   


2012     All in All, Ruth Phaneuf Fine Arts, LIC Queens, NY.

                 Final Frontier curated by Matt Jones, 340 Morgan, Brooklyn, NY.

                 Group Show, Budapest Art Fair, curated by Jean-Michel Ross.

2011     Against The Way Things Go, Curated by Andrea Hill, Gaser/Grunert Gallery, NYC.

                 Vista, Socrates Sculpture Park, Curated by Alyson Baker, Queens, NY.

2010     Shape Language, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NYC.

                 Irrelevant: Local Emerging Asian Artists who Don't make Work About Being Asian

                 Arario Gallery, NYC.

2009    Art Basel, Miami, Nicole Klagsbrun, December.

                 Open House, Curated by Nancy Barton and Michael Cohen,          

                 Strauss Institute, NYC.            

                 Objection Affection, Presented by BOFFO, One Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn NY.

                 20 Years, Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, NYC.


2008    View 14: Hooking Up, Curated by Klaus Kertess, Mary Boone Gallery, NYC.

2007    Diaspora, The Emergence of Contemporary Art from the Neon Homeland, Curated           

                 by Dave Hickey Las Vegas Art Museum, Las Vegas and 2008 travels to The Laguna    

                 Art Museum, Laguna beach, CA.     

                Horizon, curated by David Humphrey, EFA gallery, New York, NY.

2006     Breezer, BUIA Gallery, New York, NY.

2005     In the Ring, BUIA Gallery , New York, NY.

2004     Protuberance(s), BUIA Gallery , New York, NY.

                  MFA Thesis Exhibition: Jason Tomme: Plus One Minus One, Yale University,

                  New Haven CT.

                  Cross Town Traffic, Eli Whitney House, New Haven, CT.

2001     Special, Contemporary Arts Collective, Las Vegas, NV.

2000     Hypergraphic, Grant Gallery, Las Vegas, NV.




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Books, Catalogues, and Publications


Groundskeeper: Fuk Prefab ll, By Jason Tomme, 250 pg. Contributing essay by Nasi Lemak.

Chinati Foundation Newsletter, Volume 18, 2013, Photos and Essay: Robert Irwin at the Whitney Museum.

Exhibition Catalog: Objection Affection, Presented by BOFFO, 2009.

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